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Latest stuff by me, sometimes drawn for the purpose of being shown publicly or just random sketches I found collecting dust that I think people might enjoy.

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It seems to be a trend or something nowadays.
Here are some examples:

- Hideki Kamiya leaves Capcom and creates Bayonetta, a spiritual successor to Devil May Cry, published by Sega.

- Keiji Inafune leaves Capcom and produces Mighty No. 9, a spiritual successor to Mega Man, via Kickstarter.

- Koji Igarashi leaves Konami and produces Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night, a spiritual successor to Castlevania (particularly Symphony Of The Night), via Kickstarter.

- Former employees of Rare announces Yooka-Laylee, a spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie, which will make use of Kickstarter.

- Shinji Mikami leaves Capcom and creates The Evil Within, a spiritual successor to Resident Evil, published by Bethesda Softworks.

Are these developers simply doing what they enjoy most or dwelling on past glories?

What do you think?

I know game spiritual successors isn't something new but I'm specifically focusing on those made by former employees who make games similar to successful titles they did in their previous companies.
"Fear" is an inhibiting emotion that makes the simplest task difficult.

Let's say you're asked to go down a basement to fetch a jerrycan of fuel.
The instruction sounds easy enough but due to a mix of phobia, hesitation and paranoia, the task is slow, difficult and done one step at a time.

Meanwhile, a lot of "horror games" got this in reverse.
The simple act of walking, running, climbing and swinging a weapon is made difficult with developers purposely slowing down the player animation or give players some sort of "panic/stamina" meter that further limits what the player can do.

All in the name of "bad controls/incompetent player character makes the game more scary".

It's rare that I genuinely felt scared by a game, causing me to hesitate and feel paranoid about my surroundings.

For games like Resident Evil, what I felt isn't "fear" but the anxiety of having to do things all over again upon failing, which can be felt in non-horror games, like Devil May Cry or Metal Gear Solid.

Instead of putting more effort into gimping the player and spilling into "artificial difficulty" territory, I think game developers should try to study psychology a lot more to understand what they can do to incite genuine fear out of players.
With the expansion version of Deception IV being announced, I was wondering if there are anyone else who are fans of the franchise, especially the long-time ones who played the first game back in 1997.

The Deception series is about defeating invaders almost exclusively using traps that spring out of the floor, walls and ceiling.
If you can line up your traps perfectly, you could repeatedly hit the intruder with multiple traps, bouncing them all over the room in the form of a sadistic Rube Goldberg combo.

You can find a lot of games imitating one another but the Deception series is something I feel is the only one of its kind.


Current Residence: Malaysia
Favourite style of art: Japanese comics & animation style
Operating System: Windows XP
Personal Quote: "Quick Time Events is the cancer of the video game industry"
  • Listening to: Ougon Musou Kyoku OST
  • Playing: The Evil Within
  • Drinking: Iced Tea
I finally got the Platinum Trophy for The Evil Within, aka:

And boy, did this game simulate one Hell of a motion sickness on me, thanks to the hideous black letterboxes for whatever bullshit "artistic expression" reasons they pull out of their ass.

When I first played the game, I get severe motion sickness from every session.
On my third session (up to chapter 6), I was close to vomiting and the severe headache lasted and lingered till the next day.
I had to quit playing it and was unable to continue.

Even just watching a cutscene was sickening, as my eyes are unable to adjust the narrowed down field of view.

A few months later, my TV had monitor issues and had to be replaced, so I went with a bigger TV.
I tried replaying The Evil Within on the new TV and although I experienced dizziness on the first few sessions, I was finally able to overcome the motion sickness and completed the game.

Even though I got used to the letterboxes, I still think it's shit and needs to go.
Developers need to stop getting carried away with their stupid artistic expression, honestly.
They know that if they provided an option to remove them, 99% will choose to do so, so their only way of smothering people with their retarded "artistic vision" is to have it forced.

And no, it's not applied because of "hardware limitations" or bullshit reasoning like that.
The letterboxes aren't special borders that helps minimized what is drawn but are more like HUDs superimposed on the screen.
But instead of life bars or how much ammo you have, it just obstructs the screen for retarded "artistic vision" that doesn't belong in video games.

Akumu mode's a bitch.
I'm glad that's over with.

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Which Of These Two Perspectives Regarding Children And Violence In Entertainment Media Do You Agree? 

101 deviants said Children should be taught about violence so they have more understanding about it
11 deviants said Children should be shielded from violence or it may corrupt them later




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