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Latest stuff by me, sometimes drawn for the purpose of being shown publicly or just random sketches I found collecting dust that I think people might enjoy.

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Big Guide to Drawing the Body :iconmajnouna:Majnouna 41,292 3,573
Comparison between TRACING and COMMON situations
So I see,some folks has started to trace then?
Since dA has started a new rule of allowing tracing then I will bring some examples to make sure IF TRACING WAS REALLY ALLOWED.
Hm,sorry guys...Maybe it'll sound weird and unprofessional but this is my first article...
---Why do you trace?
Tracing for some peoples are considered as FUN,TOLERATED,NORMAL.
But I am AGAINST it.Of course tracing can be fun,but WHY,just WHY do you upload it in dA?
Think about it,dA is an ART website,not some TRACING website.
You don't believe me?
You LOVE traces?
Then let's compare these situations:
-When you trace someone's artwork without their permission or not,it is considered as fraud.
You don't believe it?Then read the below:
If as well you considered trace as legal then what if...
-When you copy someone's homework without their permission or not,it is considered as fraud.
Then you'll say to the teacher:
Same thing as:
-But the or
:iconnaetle:Naetle 7 4
The soul of art a guide to the stars
Fellow deviantart people, hear me now!
Well hello all on Deviantart are you new here or a oldie that has been here for 3 years, need help to find some of the best stuff on Deviantart when it comes to art? Ok here we go then. First off some basic.
Which art is most popular on Deviantart, what type of art catches people´s eyes first?

* Anthro
* Cartoon versions of wolfs in diffrent colors (Blue, Pink, red you name it)
* Anime ( Should be called manga, but whatever.)
* Fan art ( Not any fanart, it has to be from popular shows or animes. Tetris won´t do)
* Photography - Cats, nude girls and landscapes.* Photo manipulations - Take a picture of the girl make her look like she has the head of a dog, you have done art :D

Ok Nifty you have started to get the idea how this place works? Just remember Pageviews does not show how great artist you are. If people pay for you´re art, it just shows somebody drops by to see it. But many has an different opinion in it
:iconmyou-kun:Myou-kun 9 4
Pageviews and Popularity - The real deal.
Be an artist, not a number.
Many members of the artistic community here on DeviantART were shocked by a recent popular news article about how to become popular. I won't link to it because that would be foolish - but the mentality behind it was pageview orientated and made a 'mockery of all that deviantART stands for'.
So - to spell it out for everyone on DeviantART whos ever wanted more pageviews, I went to my nearest and dearest ' popular' artists and asked them what they thought about popularity and statistics.
The answer? They don't give a damn...
Your page views won't help you progress as an artist, and that is what you should be on this art site for.. the art..
Page views can be a feel good thing - I won't deny that - but it does not reflect how much your actual art is viewed, how sucessful or popular your art itself is, or even how popular you are.
Using cheap tactics as described in the article it is easy to generate high numbers of page views even with an EMPTY gallery.
:iconpoetryod:PoetryOD 974 376
Festival - Cged :iconjingster:jingster 2,344 370
Why The Staff Is Wrong About Tracing
Friends at deviantART, here is the article that was part of the inspiration to create this club. Before you can understand this article you'll need to have read it.
While I have the utmost respect and appreciation for the job that the CEA team does, I was shocked, disgusted, and incredibly disappointed when I came across the aforementioned article. I've been a member of deviantART for quite some time and I remember the days before all this tracing nonsense was allowed.
Given recent events which I will not directly link to, but I'm sure many of you know what I'm talking about- it's hard for me to believe that the staff is still turning a blind eye to tracing, still letting this farce go on. In the past few months there have been several incidents related to tracing that have caused large stirs in deviantART, and I thought it would perhaps become clear that a lot of people are angry. It's not just a few people. Remember the uproar o
:iconstop-tracing:stop-tracing 471 257
Tracing- Art or Not? Opinions...
So, I was wondering what most people's view on tracing is. Now, I have my own opinions about the subject, but for the purpose of this article I'm just going to post the facts and ask for you, the people's, opinions. I'm seriously looking for multiple points to the argument, different views, and maybe a bit of understanding from both sides so that I can better understand.
The facts:
DA's policy on art:
"Respect Your Fellow Artists
As a vibrant and growing art community deviantART welcomes all kinds of original artworks; but we MUST insist that the artwork which you submit be your own original works.
Your deviations must be your own original creations and you may only use resources which are considered legitimate and legal. Submissions which make use of works without proper permission or licensing by the original author will be removed as they come to the attention of the staff. This policy applies to all Deviation submissions, Scrapbook entries, and the preview images used for written s
:iconamphy:Amphy 29 181
Oscar :icononi-ramen-fox:oni-ramen-fox 6 10 504 :iconevy-and-cats:evy-and-cats 640 67 Tiger x Sakura :iconshinomori-misao:Shinomori-Misao 7 31 Fluffy 2008 and Omake :iconev133:EV133 37 29 Wagner :iconp-h:P-H 42 20 Dragon VII :iconhypnothalamus:hypnothalamus 6,910 898
Six Good Reasons To Not Trace
We here at stop-tracing have heard the excuses. This time, instead of knocking down the arguments that support tracing, I present to you reasons to not trace.
1. Tracers don't improve.
Tracing is a really really good way to learn how to... um... trace.
Any good art teacher will tell you this- it's simply not a good way to learn. So many professionals, teachers, drawing books, and so on and so forth will tell you one key thing: "draw from life."
It helps. It looks like it's hard, but it does help immensely, and it's not so hard once you train your hand and eye to work together. When you're tracing, you aren't thinking. Your hand and eye aren't really working together. You're just mindlessly going over the lines. You're being a human Xerox machine.
Some people think that tracing helps you "get a feel" for how to draw the human body- this is simply not true
:iconstop-tracing:stop-tracing 155 115
Vector traced anime

It has been a pet-peeve of mine for a very long while now, and as much as I've tried ignoring the problem but it doesn't seem to be getting any better, and frankly I am very confused about dA's rules concerning the matter. As far as I can see the rules seem to be in contradiction with other rules of DeviantArt.
I am talking about Vector tracing.
I had written a journal entry regarding this matter some time ago and there was some confusion as to what I was really getting at.
I am sick and tired of searching the Deviant Art archives for certain anime titles only to receive literally hundreds of Vector drawings that are nothing more than traces of either official art, screenshots or magazine scans. I am not referring to Vector tracings of photographs, or things sketched by hand first, or collaborations where one person drew the image and another person vectorized it. I am referring specifically to vector traces of anime scree
:iconc-puff:C-Puff 172 177
'I can't draw!' and Other Lame Excuses F
The excuses are used over and over and over. They're the "Dog Ate My Homework" of tracers.
At a glance, some of them might seem like valid arguments, but in the end, there is no excuse for art theft.
So, here are the top ten excuses for tracing- and the reasons that they don't work.
1. "I don't know how to draw."
Obviously not, or you probably wouldn't be tracing- but have you thought of learning? There are tons and tons of resources on the internet. Schools and colleges and other places offer drawing classes. You can find books in the library or bookstore or art shop about drawing. There's a wealth of information out there- this really isn't an excuse.
"But I can't learn to draw! It's too hard!" Yes, you can. How many thousands and thousands of artists are there in the world? So many people manage it. It is not easy, but it's not impossible.
2. "I changed parts of it, so it's mine."
Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a "change 30%" la
:iconstop-tracing:stop-tracing 252 161


Female Mage Uniform
Some random design for a female mage.
Possibly either used for mage army or a uniform worn in a magic school.
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Holy shit.


Current Residence: Malaysia
Favourite style of art: Japanese comics & animation style
Operating System: Windows XP
Personal Quote: "Quick Time Events is the cancer of the video game industry"
  • Listening to: Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans OP3
  • Playing: Resident Evil 6
  • Drinking: Iced Tea
Holy shit.

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Is It Weird To Call Yourself A "Fan" Of A Game You Never Played? 

60 deviants said No
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