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June 8, 2008
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Kojima-ism, Title Page by Goldsickle Kojima-ism, Title Page by Goldsickle
Well, my first full-colored comic to be uploaded online stars two characters playing video games.

Not a good start...

Anyway, this was some random idea I thought of one day and I wanted to have this finished before MGS4 gets released.
One thing I hated about myself is if I start some personal projects that requires a lot of time and effort to do, I never seem to finish it.

I slowly realize that although I was amused by the idea of Psycho Mantis freaking out a couple of kids at first, the whole amusement starts wearing off and I am already feeling the urge to quit so I can start on something else.

I have this feeling that if I keep on going like that, I'll never get anything done, so I went ahead and whipped myself into finishing this, hoping that I will achieve something and improve myself by doing so.

Another thing about this comic is that I just wrote whatever that comes in mind, regardless whether people will like it or not, so if people said anything about what they hated in the strip, I will take notes and refer to them the next time I draw a comic.

Go to the first page.
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mocchi2 Jul 3, 2012
nice art
HeavenlyFlame Oct 19, 2011
love the comic!
best moment in gaming history... ever!
SteeKira Dec 11, 2010  Student General Artist
I like this comic quite a bit! It's so cute, and your art style is so awesome! *favorites comic*
Highwind017 Mar 30, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Read it, Awesome Work :D
i've seen em all and that's a fave for sure ;) hope more will come like this in the future, btw do you got all the "secret" items from MGS 4: Guns? like the boss mask and assasins greed costume? i still don't know how to get those -_-
I got almost everything except for Altair's costume and the Corpse Camo.

Also, I haven't collected all the iPod songs.
the ipod songs doesn't matter ;p do you got big bosses mask/ costume? if yes, How did you get it =? i cannot complete the game without 5 (or is it 6 o.0) hours! it's completely maddnes!
P.S. Once again a great comic ;) as for the rest of your work, but that 1 really takes ThE credit :D
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